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Pentecost Sunday

Showing Support by Wearing Red for Pentecost - Fred Trolio,  Ralph & Mary Powers,  Marilyn Smith, John & Linda Leque

John and linda Pentecost 1.jpg
"Today's service was filmed and edited before the events of violence and destruction that have erupted in many cities across the nation.  We add this situation to the other prayers in the service and ask God's Spirit to come and blow among us to bring life out of that which destroys life, physically, emotionally and spiritually."
Sunday 05-31-2020
Pentecost Sunday Worship Service
Sunday 05-24-2020
7th Sunday of Easter Worship Service
Sunday 05-17-2020
6th Sunday of Easter Worship Service
Sunday 05-10-2020
5th Sunday of Easter Worship Service
Sunday 05-03-2020
4th Sunday of Easter Worship Service
*Please stay tuned until the end for the announcements.
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