In Person Worship Guidelines 

*While Covid guidance information may change, this follows what we must do for now.  We will update guidance as needed if pandemic improves or worsens.  Flexibility, the word of the year.

You must register for worship (Seating is Limited)

1.  Email or call the church office between Monday morning and Thursday evening, 6pm, the week prior to the service you plan to attend and let us how many will be attending in your group and leave their names and contact information for contact tracing.  Preferably a phone number and or email.  Contact is or 360 629-4592.  Email is preferred.  Contact after 6pm on Thursday cannot be filled as we need time for set up and getting bulletins together during office hours.  Please leave the names

2. You will receive a return message when your request is received confirming your spot for that Sunday.

3. If the service is already full at the time you call you will be notified and put first on the list for the following Sunday. 


Sunday Worship Guidance and Directions

1. Take the Health Self-Assessment before you leave home for indoor worship.  (See health assessment at the end of this letter.)  If you answer Yes to any question, DO NOT attend indoor worship that Sunday.  Please join us for the online service at 9:30 am.

2. Wear a mask from the time you leave your vehicle until you return to your vehicle after worship.  Masks will be provided if you have forgotten yours.

3. Maintain safe social distancing (6+ feet) the entire time you are on campus.

4. Plan to enter only through the main doors of the Large Sanctuary (south doors by the courtyard).  Plan to arrive at 9:45 so ushers can get people checked in. 

5. Follow all guidance of the Greeters and Ushers.  They will do a temperature check; have you sign the check in book for contact tracing and point you toward your seats.  (Information will be kept in the office)

6. Your individual bulletin and communion kit will be on your assigned chair. 

7. Place your offering in the offering box on the stand either as you enter or exit the sanctuary.  You can also mail it in or donate online.

8. Follow the guidance of the Ushers who will assist you to your seats.  Please do not move any chairs in the sanctuary, ask an usher for assistance.  Chairs are set up to follow spacing requirements.

9. Enjoy the music of the service, plan to hum along with the hymns.  Please do not sing, as it poses risk even with a mask on.

10. Enjoy the presence of one another.  As we Share the Peace, wave, smile, make the sign of the Cross. Please do not embrace, hug, kiss or elbow-bump anyone but for immediate family members you are seated with.

11. In using the restrooms, follow the capacity guidance posted outside the restroom doors. 

12. Follow the guidance of the Ushers in safely leaving the sanctuary.  We will exit the sanctuary from back rows to front rows under the direction of the Ushers.  Everyone will exit the sanctuary through the north doors leading toward the playground or the main south entrance where you came in depending on the side of the room you are seated.  Please do not loiter inside the facility after the service, so the cleaning crew can begin their work.

13. Be flexible, patient and joyful as we gather together again in worship! Remember, we will all be learning together this “new” way of safely worshiping in person and together.  Following these guidelines together will allow us to continue with indoor worship.


Post Worship

Notify the church office if you receive a positive COVID-19 test result within 7 days of attending a worship service.  Your name will be kept anonymous unless required for reporting to the Department of Health.



Prior to Sunday


Take Health Self-Assessment

· Are you CURRENTLY SICK with any of the following symptoms?  Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath, Nausea or Diarrhea?

· Have you had CLOSE PERSONAL CONTACT with anyone who has been diagnosed or is awaiting test results for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?  


PRIOR to you leaving your residence to attend worship services, please answer these questions.  If you answer YES to any of the above questions, DO NOT plan to access the worship facility this week and join us for online worship.

It seems like a lot to follow, but we will get into the flow of this together.  We are looking forward to being together indoors for worship once again, being flexible and we will adjust as we move forward and realities in our world change.

Together in Christ,

Your congregational council at CLC